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Where will the festival Dobrofest take place?
At the airfield "Levtsovo", 17 km from Yaroslavl.
When will the festival Dobrofest take place?
27, 28, 28 August 2021.
What time does the festival start?
According to preliminary information the entrance to the festival will be available from 18 pm on July 11, 2019.
What is the format of the festival Dobrofest?
The only criterion for music at Dobrofest - broad mirth. The style is secondary to us.
Who will perform at the festival "Dobrofest"?
Will Noize MC, Splean, Alisa, Lumen ... perform at the Dobrofest?
Follow the news of the festival. As soon as agreements with the artist are reached - we will publish this information. Trust only the official information resources of the festival: web site, VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube
Where can I see the timetable of the festival Dobrofest?
Schedule of the festival.
Where can I see the scheme or map of the festival "Dobrofest"?
The festival scheme will be available closer to the festival. Follow the news!
How can young music bands take part in the festival?
Accepting applications for volunteering will begin later. Follow the news!
I want to help the festival. How can I become a volunteer?
Accepting applications for volunteering will begin later. Follow the news!
How can I contact the organizers of the festival?


How to get to the festival "Dobrofest"?
The festival is located near Yaroslavl, there are many ways to get to it - cars, buses, railway transport.
What are the GPS coordinates of the festival venue?
Latitude: 57 43'43.35 "N (57.728709)
Longitude: 40 3'4.31 "E (40.051196)
How to get from the festival to Yaroslavl at night after the performance of artists?
Festival buses will run between Yaroslavl and the airfield "Levtsovo" during the event around the clock. The fare will be announced closer to the festival.


What does the electronic ticket give me?
The same as "live" - an unlimited number of enters to the festival territory during 3 days (from 27 to 29 July 2018) and the right to install a tent at the campsite.
How can I get a discount for the electronic ticket?
To get a discount for the electronic ticket you need to register and fill out a questionnaire at the Dobrofest Club.
What determines the size of discount for the electronic ticket?
In the first year the Dobrofest Club gives you a 5% discount. If you purchase an electronic ticket with this discount this year, next year you will get a discount of 6%. Thus, each year the discount is increased by 1%
I have bought an electronic ticket. What should I do with it?
In your personal account (club) you need to download your ticket, print on a A4 sheet and bring it with you to the festival. At the entrance to the festival at the pay-box you need to show this ticket and get a control bracelet on your hand, with which you can enter the territory of Dobrofest. Attention! We do not scan tickets from the screens of mobile devices!
Is there an extra charge for an electronic ticket?
No. On this web site you can purchase an electronic ticket without any extra charge.
At what age is it necessary to buy a ticket to Dobrofest?
Children under 12 years can enter the festival venue free accompanied by their parents.
How can I pay for an electronic ticket?
On our website you can use more than 20 payment methods - Visa, MasterCard, World, QIWI-purse, WebMoney, Euroset, Messenger and others ... You can even pay in crypto currency!
I have problems with buying a ticket on this site.
If you have problems with buying a ticket, call the hotline of the festival +7 (800) 350-77-20 from 10:00 to 18:00 Moscow time (calls from all Russian Federation phones are free) or write the e-mail address
Do I need to show a passport together with an electronic ticket?
No, you dont.
Can I gift my ticket to another person?
Yes, you can.
Where can I buy a one-day ticket?
Only at the pay-box during the days of the festival.
Can I buy tickets at the festival venue?
Yes, it is possible, but it is much more expensive than in the presale!
How many tents can be carried to the festival with one ticket?
With one ticket you can carry only 1 tent.
I have a passport of Dobrofest, there is a coupon for a discount of 100 rubles. How can I use it?
This coupon is valid at all pay-boxes of "live" tickets. 1 coupon gives a discount for 1 "live" ticket.
Is it possible to refund tickets?
No, a refund is possible only if the festival is canceled due to the fault of the organizers.


What cannot be carried on the territory of the festival?
The list of prohibited items is published in therules of the festival.
Can I bring water to the festival venue?
Yes, you can, but only in a plastic container!
Can I bring beer and other alcohol to the festival venue?
Any alcohol is forbidden to be carried to the festival venue! The festival "Dobrofest" is an official event of the Government of the Yaroslavl region and we are subordinate to the Rules for the organization and holding of cultural and entertainment events. In addition, the organizers believe that a good mood can be achieved without vodka and drugs.
What should I take to the festival?

All that you should take in the camping trip:

  • Tickets and money
  • Identity documents: passport or driver’s license.
  • Insurance medical policy (copy is allowed).
  • Cell phone (better inexpensive).
  • Warm clothes. At night it could be cold.
  • Change clothes. In case of rain.
  • Tent and sleeping bag.

Will there be a parking lot at the festival?
Yes, there will be a paid car parking at the festival. The current cost is 1,000 rubles per vehicle, multiple entries.
Is there a camping site at the festival?
Yes, there is an area for the installation of your tents at the festival "Dobrofest".
Can I rent a tent at the festival?
No, take care of the tent in advance.
How much does it cost to place your tent?
The ticket already includes the right to place a tent.
What about food at the festival?
Tasty, satisfying, varied, for any budget!
Is it allowed for minors?
Children under 12 years old are admitted to the festival for free, accompanied by adults. At the entrance to the festival venue you may be asked to provide a document or a copy of it confirming your age. Persons under 14 years - only accompanied by adults.
Can I bring animals to the festival?
It is forbidden to enter the festival with animals.
Can I use photo and video cameras, and do I have to pay for it?
You can and it's completely free. You can shoot what you want and how much you want.
Can I bring my quadcopter (a flying machine with camera) to the festival?
To use the quadcopter at the festival you will need mandatory accreditation. Write a letter to pr@dobrofest.ino.
With what pegs can I set up a tent at the festival?
What should I do if I have any questions at the festival?
On the territory of the festival there will always be coordinators and assistants who can help you. Also at the entrance to the festival there will be an Information Point where visitors can get comprehensive information about the event.
Will there be showers on the venue of the Festival?
Yes, there will be male and female shower cabins.
Can I get married at the festival?
Yes, you can arrange a "wedding" at our festival. Details will be announced closer to the festival.
What sports activities are available at the festival?
This year we widely strengthen the quality and power of the sports ground. First, a real professional, the organizer of many corporate tournaments, will be engaged in this. Secondly, in addition to the usual mini-football and volleyball, there will be badminton, bouncers, a fun relay race and even Thai football. Thirdly, for some of these types we will hold large-scale tournaments with the awarding of Winners cups and medals.
Will I be able to cut my hair or put the Iroquois at your festival?
Yes, you can make a great hairstyle, color your hair, make a tattoo of henna, or put an Iroquois in one of our partner's tents.
Will there be a cloak-room at the festival?
Yes, you can leave your valuables in the paid storage room before entering the festival.


How can I be accredited to the festival?
In the Press Center section in spring a section with accreditation will be opened.
Where can I get promo materials of the festival?
Write a request to